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Jesus Trail
Outdoor sports north Israel

Bicycle riding around the lake

If you wish to rent a bike just ask us at reception, once you set out you can head north to Capernaum & Tabgha Holy Sites or South to the Yardenit/Jordan River.

Some go for the 60km round lake trip,which takes about 4-6 hours.

Anyway make sure to wear sunscreen and stop on the way to enjoy the sites and have a swim in lake. 

Canoing the Jordan River

Its a fun activity for families and friend. Easy going down the quiet river, under the shade of trees, stopping for a dip in the water and coming back to enjoy free coffee and tea in the chillout areas.
The canoe shop is designed in native american style, but somehow it feels just right...

Kayaking the Sea of Galilee

This is a very fun and easy water activity, stopping at various historical and religious sites along the way for guided visit and snacks, you get to travel the coast line from the water side and jump in when it gets hot. 

*This is a unique activity, and usually should be coordinated upfront as the instructor is a renowned marine biologist...

Abseiling the Black Creek

A great summer activity. Proffesional guides will lead you down the cliffs through waterfalls and into pool.

* Better register upfront as this is a nature reserve and there are limited slots on very certain dates. 


Horse Riding

in the hils

An easy and fun way to get to see the Galilee or Golan Heights, we have many horse farms and trained instructors in this region. 

You can choose from rides as long as one hour to 3 days. Just ask reception and we'll get you on the horse ;-) 

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