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Hamat Tveria Mosaic

The recently excavated controvertial beautiful mosaic floor of this ancient synagogue. Nestled among the hot springs of ancient town Rakat ,

Its within walking distnce from the hostel, just on the southern outskirts of Tiberias. 

1 hour
15 nis
2 km

Gamla Ruins 

With the pamphlet you get from the rangers you can discover the tragic and heroic story  of this ancient Jewish - Roman Decapolis. The revolt, siege and heroic last stand. All complete with great view of the sea of galilee and eagles soaring above your heads. 

Susita/Hippos Ruin

Another Decapolis that lies in ruins for more than a millenia but not long ago played an important role in the protection of the kibbutz down the hill. the archeological site is studded with bunkers and tunnels from the last century. And it fancies a magnificent view of the lake.


Recommended for sun set view ( join our trip! )

Tiberias Ruin

Nothing to see here, just a chabbad house and some sarcophages turned into shit pits. great job tiberias. 

Magdala/Jesus boat

A great opportunity to visit an active excavation led by worldwide volunteers. completing it is the modern impressive Duc in Altum Church. 

There are also donkey and camels on site which is nice. 


Old Boat is not far from here, in the Ginosar kibbutz, worth to check it out. 

1-4 hours
29 NIS
0.5-3.5 km
1 km
1-2 hours
25 km
0.5 km
0.5-1 hour
200 m
1 hour
7 km

Beit Shean

This is one of the oldest cities preserved almost intact, a large park gives a sense of what life was like during the Roman and Byzantine periods. In summer it is best to arrive early in the morning to avoid the heat, anyway take a hat and water with you.

29 NIS
2-3 Hours
38 km
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