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Jesus Trail
Tiberias Hostel fun recs

Tiberias Hot Springs

Tiberias was established here in the first place because of the local thermo mineral springs. 
These days you can enjoy modern spa facilties including saunas, swimming pools, cafe and family activities.  

Local Wineries 

Since ancient days this region produced grapes and wine.

You can choose from the plenty wineries. One is just behind the hostel, the others scattered along the Galilee and Golan Heights. Ask us. 

Kibbutz Bars

Some kibbutz still have a very local bar, and we know the best ones. Because just like kibbutz life the bars are laid back, play classic rock music, sell cheap beers, and have comfotables couches or hammocks. A good opportunity to meet the kind of locals you'll be happy to share a beer with.  

Local Breweries

From local micro breweries to the famous Golan Brew house, In any case you'll have the option to stop and try local rich beers. Lechaim !  


Cruise Boat 

During summer or tourist season you can join these short daily boat trips into the lake and back. Departing day or night, blasting load eclectic music to the mixed crowds , there are many options just a few minutes walk to the promenade.


In this hot and dry land The Sea of Galilee attracts different crowds,

for each there is a beach. From organized beaches with facilities and life guards to wild hidden spots known only to locals.

In Tiberias or all around the lake, Just ask us and we'll try to find you a nice spot to take a swim in the clear fresh water of this lake. 

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