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Tabgha & Capernaum

This region along the northern part of the lake is where Jesus acted and gathered his first disciples. 

A 2km path leads you from one holy site to the other. Including the ruins of Capernaum village, churches and the Mount of Beatitudes.


Make sure to find the hidden waterfall and cool off in the lake. 

3 km
30 min- 3 hours
0-3 NIS

The Tombs of the Jewish Sages

Tiberias hosts the tombs of most famous Jewish sages, among them Maimonides, Rabi Akiva, Rabi Meir Baal Hannes, Haim Abulaafiya and Miriams well. 

Each year the city fills up with believer praying and celebrating at the graves, asking for miracles, matchmaking and fertility. 


Join or just watch in wonder...

Yardenit - Baptization in the Jordan River

Just at the spot where the Jordan River comes out of the Sea of Galilee is the traditional place for pilgrims from all over the world to come a baptize in the water. It is easily reached and in the summer the water is nice and fresh. 


Join or just watch in wonder...

Beit Saida

Another home for Jesus's desciples, miracles were performed here and these days its a shaded archeological site with beautiful view of the lake. 


* from here you can also rent kayaks or quads for outdoor activities or just hit one of the local hiking trails along the river Jordan. 

Mount Tabor

This unique shaped mount has controlled the Via Maris ("Sea Road") leading from Egypt to Damascus and has seen many cultures and chanes. It also has been revered since ancient times. In the Christian tradition this it the site of transfiguration commemorated by the "Church of Transfiguration" and a monestary. 



The site of the miracle of Gaderene Swine. The remains of a beautiful Byzantine church and monestary were excavated. Those wishing for miracles come here and just across the road is one of the nicer beaches on the eastern side of the lake. 

10 km
1 km
30 min-2 hours
24 km
30 min- 2 hours
0.5-1 km
34 km
1.5-2 hours
2 km
28 km
1-2 hours
15 NIS
5-15 min
20 min-   4 hours
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