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Jesus Trail
Hostel in Tiberias


Not only is the city the site of Annunciation but has a renovated traditional middle eastern market place, Basilica of Annunciation, White Mosque, St Gabriels Church and the Greek Orthodox church. An idea site for a day trip. 

Dont forget to try the famous pancake ! 

4-5 hours
32 km


Home for the mystical Kabala, just like Tiberias its one of the four holy ancient Jewish cities . this one is up the Galilee mountains. Walking the old stone paved alleys you'll find it is also famous for its artists, museums and galleries. In the summer the air is cool and the view is always breath taking. 

- If you are around, you might also want to visit the neighboring Rosh Pina

Kibbutz Degania

Proud to be the first kibbutz in Israel Degania has opened its gates and a visitor center with a Founder's Museum and Gordon's House that covers regional history, the kibbutz story and natural history. 

Rosh Pina

One of the oldest settlements in Israel. Founded by orthodox jews turned into farmers with the support of the Baron Rothchild.

These days the old preserved houses and cobbled streets have turned into a trendy village with cafes, restaurants and art galleries. 

Kama Village - Circassian Minority 

An ethnic group of Caucasian tribes that were exile tp this region as soldiers by the Ottomans. they maintained their proud tradition and culture in just two centers in Israel. 

This museum is family operated and is part of their struggle to maintain their unique identity and even make their way as a group back to to the mother land. 

In the village you can also enjoy typical food and even horse riding. 

3-4 hours
35 km
3-4 hours
27 km
3-5 hours
24 km
1-2 hours
10 km
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