Jesus Trail

Abandoned Hot Spring

On a cool night we set out to the ruins of the Ottoman bath house. Making our way in with flashlights and candles, we immerse in the bubbling hot spring under the stars. 

* If you behave, we'll show you around the corner something ancient and beautiful...

Not for the faint hearted. This is class A alternative. The structure is in ruins, destroyed in the '67 war.  Be warned, You might bump into naked hippies.


Jordan River Night Swim

On the warm nights we make our way down the river finding our favorite spot to take a jump to the dark river. 
Water temperature is perfect, the moon is shining above the palm trees, beer is cool, and the jackels howling to the wind... 

This is no organized beach, its lantern, moonIight, and sloping river beds. If you choose to high dive from the tree stump or use the Tarazan rope its your call. 


"Holy - Water" Saturday Trip

On Saturdays, when there is no public transport we will take you to the Tabgha churches -Capernaum holy strip. 

In between you'll cool off those spiritual engines with a shower in the "hidden waterfall", swim in the lake and a dip in the rapid part of the Jordan River. 


On what other trip you're asked to bring both a bathing suit and modest clothing ? 



Susita Sunset Trip

On the peak of a hill surrounded by the sloping golan heights lies the ruined roman decapolis of susita, the roman mile stones, temples, churches, wine press, odeon and 20th century bunkers tell their story while we enjoy a magnificent view to the lake and setting sun... 

Night out to the Kibbutz Bar

The traditional kibbutz bar have made way to modern ones serving the locals and students. Yet we will choose the real ones to have a night of happy hour priced beers, good music, toasting with friendly locals under the stars, around the fire or on the pool table. 



Friday Jam Sessions by the River

Every friday we'll fill up the van and ride down to the Jordan River bank to hang out with the nicest locals in their traditional jam session. Free coffee & tea available. Good food made by locals and beers sold on the site. You can even rent a canoe there ! 


*Bring your bikini because the water is perfect.